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London Live Kids

Viewing continues to outperform the London market

Film Tales of Beatrix Potter (The Royal Ballet)

The Children's programming strand aligned with the channel parent brand, evolving from Bounce to London Live Kids, creating a stronger identity with the Capital's children.

With over 400 hours of newly acquired content, the strand broadcasts breakfast time Monday to Saturday, delivering compelling and innovative programming engaging with children aged 4 to 15.

London Live is committed to providing children's programming on a free to view platform, offering the best possible experience for Children whilst giving parents confidence in a safe environment.

With audience measurement from BARB (All platforms reported with 855 London Homes) and TVAnalytics (TVA – return path data from Freeview with 1.01m London Homes), insight into regional viewing confirms consistent growth and a loyal viewer base.

At launch, partnership with established content distributors Saban Brands and Studio 100 established our audience. The original line-up included Power Rangers, K3, Glitter Force, Heidi, Vic the Viking and Tashi.

Of the Saban titles, iconic brand Power Rangers proved popular with Adults (ADS), namely those aged between 16 to 34 (A1634). 32,000 A1634s tuned in to watch Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (25 Aug 2018), winning 32% Share of Viewing (SOV).

Studio100 title, Heidi claimed 64% CHD’s SOV outperforming channels within the competitive set (24 May 2019). K3 and Vic The Viking achieved 53% and 42% CHD’s SOV with both averaging 20,000 viewers (13 Jul 2019). Tashi attracted a strong upmarket adult audience (AABC1) averaging 18,000 and 5.4% SOV, behind CBBC (24 Jun 2019).

In addition to our launch partner content, London Live’s native programming included the Kids Film Club, a presenter-led review show with special guest appearances, taking 30% A1634 SOV in the market, resulting in 28,000 viewers (19 Jan 2019).

Since the rebrand in 2020, we have seen an increase in House People with Children (HPCH) viewing of more than 17% YOY. Heidi (11 Nov 2020) was the 3rd most-watched programme in its timeslot with 9.3% SOV House People (HP). Our share of commercial impacts (SOCI) outperformed all other children’s channels including Channel 4, Channel 5, and Milkshake (Nov 2020).

The new content slate continues to engage with multiple generations making for a joint viewing opportunity. Titles include educational shows and a collection of live-action programmes from Zoo Animals to classic Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Kong the animated series, Extreme Dinosaurs, Sooty and exclusive content from the London Children's Ballet.

More recently, the Legend of the Dragon (11 Nov 2021) claimed 2.34% SOV among children (ranking 6th in its timeslot), beating all kids channels except Milkshake and Nickelodeon in London. While Kong: The Animated Series (5 Jan 2022) achieved 4% SOV of upmarket House People (HABC1) and 10,000 Women (WMN), watched Bino and Fino (25 Jan 2022).

London Live Kids is firmly becoming a favourite in London Households; the audience profile continues to evolve, increasingly attracting family viewing:

HP: Kong: The Animated Series achieved 4.1% SOV, ranking 3rd in its

timeslot, only behind BBC1 and ITV Breakfast (27 Oct 2021)

AABC1: Extreme Dinosaurs generated 4.7% SOV, ranking 3rd in its

timeslot, behind BBC1 and ITV Breakfast (29 Oct 2021)

WABC1: Stone Age delivered 7% SOV, ranking 5th in its timeslot, ahead of

all children's channels (20 Oct 2021 / Upmarket Women)

The New Year welcomed continued growth with commercial performances up year-on-year across CHDS, ADS, HP and WABC1 demographics.

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Referenced source data is BARB, TVA audience data is >800% greater than that of BARB