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2022 - Q2

Cillian Murphy starring in The Way We Live Now

New Programmes include

London Film House

Award winning actors. Winged Creatures sees strangers played by Guy Pearce, Forest Whitaker and Dakota Fanning uniquely bond after a random event and Blessed follows a city trader (James Nesbitt) who loses everything and his voice until a surprise arrival uplifts his life.


Drama Mini TV Series

First-class storytelling includes The Long Firm starring Mark Strong as Harry Starks, a notorious gangster who ran Soho in the '60s and The Way We Live Now, with Cillian Murphy, an epic tale of power and corruption packed with the trials and tribulations of young love.



Get Back with a stellar cast including Kate Winslet. Martin (Ray Winstone) faces bankruptcy, moving his family in with his scheming dad and lifestyle which is a far cry from their accustomed luxury, whilst his brother Albert's fortunes flourish (Larry Lamb) .


A Platform for New Voices

From Bloomsbury to Wapping; London Districts, a London Live enhanced commission, is a presenter-led series of short films that explores the rich cultural history of the city discovering how they came to be alongside the best of experiences in the area.

Performance Highlights

Most Watched Content

Viewing Outperforms the Market


London Live YOY

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Channel Profile

Reach Ultra Premium Viewers

  • 60% ABC1 +28% above the London TV Market average

  • 25% AB +25% above the London TV Market average

Build Brands with Engaged Audiences

  • 40% "find TV advertising interesting and quite often it gives me something to talk about" index 164 vs London average and greater than viewers of ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel Five

  • 45% "often notice products or brands that appear in TV programmes and films" vs 32% UK average, 35% London and 39% ITV1 viewers

  • 43% "prefer to watch television programmes at the time they are broadcast, rather than record them" vs 39% London average

Headline Sponsor Opportunities

Natural History Season

From Fearless Mr Fox, a sly and cunning character but in reality one of the most successful carnivores on the planet, to David Attenborough's Light on Earth, a search for nature's lights in the ocean depths, to claustrophobic caves, and forests by night. Premium content expected to draw a robust upmarket audience.



A myriad of lifestyle titles including romance, comedy, travel (inc. My Greek Odyssey) and culinary (inc. Taste of Marley) programmes alongside award-winning classic movies. With over 250 hours of content, reaching an estimated 800,000 Londoners per month.


To find out more, please contact the London Live Sales Team.

Source: BARB (All Platforms), TVA audience data (Freeview) is >125% greater than that of BARB

Source Period: December 2021 - March 2022